Dear Mom and Dad: Having Fun at Camp CFC

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am having a “Wonderful Time” at Camp CFC! The counselors are nice…and the food is “great”! This is the “best adventure” that I’ve had in a long time! We are all having an “awesome” time!!! I like everybody…and everybody likes me!!!

All of us have been placed on “teams”…there is a red team, a blue team, a green team, an orange team…and a yellow team! …and all of the team’s are “fired up”! I am on the yellow team…and our team has been named “the yellow jackets”!!! … and, while I’m not exactly sure how I ended up ont the yellow jacket team…seeing that I am very afraid of yellow jackets…after being stung several times last summer and ending up in the emergency room…??!! I guess the counselors put me on the yellow jacket team this year as “fear factor” therapy…in order to help me “get over it” and so far it’s working!

Speaking of “working,” all of the teams are working V-E-R-Y hard to meet this year’s goal of $67 million…”yes”…I said “MILLION”! So, I am not exactly sure when I’ll be back home!!!

Every week, a member…from each team…is selected to give a report of their team’s hard work and progress…this week, my team chose me and I plan to do a good job at reporting my team’s hard work!

Well, Mom and Dad..I’d love to tell you that “my team is the B-E-S-T”… but, if I said that, I’d haveta’ put a dime in the “fib jar” that you keep for me on top of the refrigerator!!! Cuz’ that would be a fib…cuz’, actually, all the other teams are JUST AS AMAZING!!!

Okay, Mom and Dad, that’s it…for now…I will write to you again soon.

Love and hugs,


(2010 Loaned Executive)


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