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Dear Mr. CPO..What Keeps You Up At Night?

I’m itching to ask Dr. Nick Nayak, CPO, DHS that question at next week’s GovUp. Greg Rothwell, former CPO, DHS will be joining Dr. Nayak at the event, where there will be a panel-like discussion to ask this question and more. What kind of questions do you have for the CPO?

What is the weirdest thing you ever had to purchase or contract for?

What keeps you up at night?

What is the strangest emergency procurement you’ve ever had to manage?

If you have questions come to the event or post them here.

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Sterling Whitehead

Question for Mr. CPO: How do you manage acquisition in DHS culture, a mishmash of unique cultures combined together?

Jaime Gracia

Along Sterling’s line:

How do you prevent or eliminate redundancy in buying?

What strategic sourcing initiatives are currently being developed?

In light of the failures of SBInet, how does DHS improve border security and create proper requirements to prevent wasting taxpayer funds with little capabilities delivered?


If you could change 1 thing about gov’t procurement, what would it be?

What is the difference between a good and a GREAT government contracting officer?

How do we bring a culture of innovation to acquisition?

Candace Riddle

What was the federal hiring process like for you?

What is the number one piece of career advice you would give to young govies?

What does sustainable purchasing mean to you?

Does procurement in the U.S. still run under the culture that “best value” means “lowest dollar”? If so, what needs to happen to change that?

Do you believe the power of the public dollar could be harnessed through procurement/ acquisitions to revive the economy?