Did we meet at Gov20Camp?

Hi I am @immunity aka Andrea Baker, the Director of Enterprise 2.0 for Navstar, Inc. I met a lot of you at Gov20Camp while working on the blog for government20club.org. So we didn’t always get a chance to chat in details. I want to make up for that now. I want to reconnect now virtually.

So did we meet in real life?
Quick and creative answers accepted. A simple Yes or No will suffice. And if you already met me, you can answer again for fun.

If we are not following each other on twitter, (@immunity) lets do that now. Don’t forget to leave me with that information.

OK Let the fun begin!
The 3 most creative answers will get a prize. Yes a prize! (The prize portion of this post will end on April 8, 2009.)

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Bob King

“No”, we did not meet, because I did not attend, but… it was from examining your profile 3/26/2009 @ 6:13 PM that I found out about the Gov 2.0 Camp. That was while I was preparing a lesson about Cyberspace, Social Media & Web 2.0 tools for my class the next morning. (Note – date & time from Firefox history – when I saw your post I was curious about just when it was.)

Prior to virtually “bumping into you” on Twitter, I thought my lesson was nearly complete. Instead, I hopped from #gov20camp Tweet to another. Thirty minutes later I found Maxine Teller and her “Social Media 101” for government presentation.

End result? I had an extra morning class yesterday, for interested students, on how to use some of these tools. Yesterday afternoon I threw out the original assignment plan and my class is going a group project using a wiki at WetPaint. And this morning I move another elective’s group presentations from the “divide & conquer” PowerPoint model to another new WetPaint wiki.

I also made a new contact – @hank2man – within my own organization, with similar interests, because he was listed on the attendees at the Gov20Camp site. I’m in Kansas, he’s in Virginia, and we had no idea we were working on similar ideas.

So, we did not meet in the traditional sense, but I can say you altered my reality! 🙂

Andrea Baker

Sarah I am really sad about that. I am planning to make it to Boston again this year. We’ll need a tweetup.

Andrea Baker

I maybe busy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to cultivate the spark of the relationships I had this past weekend. I really want to know my Government 2.0 friends.


Hi Andrea, no we have not met anywhere…. but just by reading your blog ….I thought we have known each other for years…that’s very uncomom for me…anyway..I admire your friendly personality ….love to be your friend …and yes ..the prize too !!

Meredith Mengel

hi. we didn’t meet but I believe I saw you blogging, diligently. Much appreciation for recording the event for posterity 🙂 (Now following you as @meredithmengel.

John Sporing

No we did not meet, but I met a lot of very talented and innovative folks. Some I had already met in person, others only virtually. I look forward to following you virtually (I’m @sporing) and meeting you in person at the next Gov20Camp.

Andrea Baker

Contest ends tomorrow. I’ve put together a nice little prize pack. I might have to get someone impartial to pick the winner or draw names out of a hat. I haven’t decided 🙂