New Report from Harvard Kennedy School: “UNMANNED AND ROBOTIC WARFARE: Issues, Options, And Futures.”

From the Report: “We stand today on the cusp of a revolution in warfare. Unmanned and robotic warfare has taken its first steps and will soon assume a prominent, if not dominant, position in the doctrine, strategy and tactics of the United States military. We are not alone

“As the United States has gained extraordinary insight to these systems over the past ten years, other nations are now ably replicating the American experience. Where today we enjoy uncontested airspace, and unbridled conventional force advantage on the ground, in air and at sea, those situations are rapidly changing.

“What does the future hold? Are we ready for it? What can we do to prepare? What are the imperatives for leadership today to assure that the technical and operating gains Coalition forces have achieved in the cauldrons of Iraq and Afghanistan are harvested as insights, and translated into strategic and tactical advantage for years to come?…”

Download it here: http://tinyurl.com/cy8lz2.

(This was a lot of fun to produce and write! A great session. See the participants on Page 14… – Zach)

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Allen Sheaprd

Do not forget unmaned rescue. Durning the flooding in Fargo ND the military brought in some Preditor aircraft for dike monitoring. They are cheaper to operate than helicoptors.

Unmanned aircraft is good as it allows people to be on the ground doing good and winning hearts instead of just using force.

BTW – do not forge to delete the period at the end of http://tinyurl.com/cy8lz2. when getting the papre. I had trouble downloading the paper from http://www.lnwprogram.org/publicfiles/download/Future+of+Unmanned+and+Robotic+Warfare?file%5fid=505283

Thank you.