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“Sweet GovTweets” Tues. 31st March, 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance:

@nishachittal: Well this is interesting: a livestream from the White House? Brings whole new meaning to transparency: http://bit.ly/2jj2ul #opengov #gov20

@cjoh 33 entries into Apps for America. Awesome. http://www.sunlightlabs.com/appsforamerica/ #opengov #gov20 #p2

@mikemathieu: Wondering why the ROI of lobbying is so high. Should Congress get incentive pay? What would the metrics be? #gov20 #tcamp #opengov #p2

@justgrimes: GSA says “Sorry but actual agreements will not be made public at request of providers” Let’s just see what my friend FOIA has to say #gov20

@heatherwest: @justgrimes I think your friend FOIA doesn’t cover proprietary contractual stuff. (re GSA agreements) #gov20

@justgrimes: @heatherwest (about GSA) I dont see how a modified software license (EULA, TOS,SLA) could contain any “confidential” info, unless NDA #gov20

Intriguing #gov20 project: Core Principles for Public Engagement http://tinyurl.com/csq6wm by www.thataway.org via @bashley

@johnmark: On CollabNet blog: @guyma goes to Washington – http://bit.ly/YlTGn #gov20 #gov20camp

@adrielhampton: “Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom” … Teams Take Social Media Viral – http://bit.ly/haPo8 #gov20

@emergingtech: @sobilito Just getting around to reading working mission doc @ http://tinyurl.com/c93t3e. Will comment soon #tcamp09 #gov20

@pengwynn @barackobama tweets again! http://is.gd/piI5 (via @DesignerDepot) #gov20

@jhariani: Top drivers for cloud computing in Gov seem to be Cost, energy efficiency, flexibility / simplicity #gov20

Would be interested to see similarities/diff w/Booz survey on SocMed & BearingPoint’s #Gov20 survey: http://bit.ly/IoGAl Is there link?

@govloop and I were on #gov20 radio this week covering #Gov20Camp, @GovTwit, @tweetcongress and more; Listen here: http://tr.im/hX9j

From WaPo: Tech firms say go cloud. Gov agencies are aware of the risks and are wary. http://bit.ly/X3YkL #gov20

Government Health IT: New law helps open source http://is.gd/pR4K #healthIT #gov20 #opensource

@nextgov: Number of Alliant contract awardees doubles after GSA allows companies to update their proposals w/best offer http://bit.ly/15SWQD #gov20

Gov transparency is crucial but personal privacy is essential. #privacy #gov20

@amadapey: #berkman study on e-govt/e-democracy: http://bit.ly/482t2 “deployment of tech to improve democracy has gained worldwide attn” #gov20

@nextgov: #gov20 in action: @FDArecalls says Setton Pistachio has announced a nationwide recall of Pistachios http://bit.ly/YLMFg Please RT

@mvanwink we need to raise the level of personal involvement in the govt from “fashion watch” to involvement and communication. #gov20

@devinhedge: New article: Creating the Agile Workplace http://ow.ly/1LOV #gov20

@nextgov: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Administration provides a guide for getting through tough economic times: http://bit.ly/L2riU #gov20

@govdelivery: MuniGovCon ’09 – for those in govt interested in learning about how Web 2.0 transforms tech & culture of orgs http://bit.ly/n0KYG #gov20

@noeldickover: Meeting w/Gartner Web 2.0 analysts in a bit to hear about Larger web 2.0 trends. Wondering if they are plugged into #gov20.

@noeldickover: @johnmscott @ghellecks Looks like the Crada idea you guys had can work for Open Source Govt Transparency Projects. Working details #gov20

@fakecheekygeeky: No pictures of me in this video but good see that others understand my idea #goverati http://vimeo.com/3768001 #gov20 #goveraticreator

@lyne_robichaud: @You2Gov I blogged in French about your blog post: L’heure du choix, pour le Citoyen 2.0 http://tinyurl.com/clau7e #gov20 #gov20camp

UK gov mulls public service tweets to change the paradigm of civic engagement, balancing accessibility and security http://ow.ly/1Jh6 #gov20

@noeldickover: @sarahebourne Lots of activity on govt use of OpenID. Would love support for idea of not requiring L1 to have PII info. Many debates #gov20

@planetrussel: Briefed #InfraGard CENTPA board this AM on #Gov20Camp, use of #gov20 data in public/private partnerships Excited! www.infragard.net

@socialfeds: MuniGovCon ’09, for those in govt interested in learning about how Web 2.0 transforms tech & culture of orgs http://bit.ly/n0KYG #gov20

Deep cuts, cancellation of Army’s Future Combat Systems on the table http://bit.ly/13epiZ #gov20

I’d like 2 see a procurement rule change that forces gov’t RFP responses into the public domain after some period of time. #gov20 (@cjoh)

: MuniGovCon ’09 – how Web 2.0 transforms tech & culture of orgs http://bit.ly/n0KYG #gov20 (RT @socialfeds)

@noneck: The #NYSenateCIO’s office now has an official IRC channel – irc.freenode.net #NYSenateCIO (maybe @amandabee will bug me ova’there!) #gov20

@ariherzog: Are #gov20 and #gov20camp folks aware of #govchat? See the introductory tweets of @govchat for what will occur tomorrow night…

early gov blogging advocate: Maj (now LtCol) Thaden, prescient ’06 Air Command/Staff College thesis http://tinyurl.com/dcb4vn #gov20 #dod20

Good Q&A with arts dir at #nycdoe They are measuring artsed in cool ways http://tinyurl.com/czv88h (via @nycschools) #arts #education #gov20

@faheyr: I really dig this – Twenty Theses for Government 2.0, Cluetrain Style http://bit.ly/lujv8 good comments aswell #gov20

@govsocmed: New Blog Post: Are you a social media practitioner, enthusiast or advocate? http://tr.im/i3xT #socmedsc #gov20

@poplifegirl: For #risk20 folks, check out #crisiscamp, looking for great people and great ideas! http://www.barcamp.org/CrisisCamp #tcamp #gov20

@spaghetti_p: Web Tech Guy & Angry Staff Person, Smithsonian 2.0 – humorous and insightful look at #gov20 and innovation in the org http://is.gd/mAVp

@lyne_robichaud: @spaghetti_p Cute animation. “It will let people who aren’t experts say things that aren’t true.” I’ve heard this before, from Qc Gov #gov20

LOC has announced new channels for sharing video and audio collections on YouTube and iTunes. #GovLoop

@dipnote cited by @cheeky_geeky as best practice eg of using Twitter for “rumor control” on Fed News Radio #gov20camp http://twurl.nl/2orfgz

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