Diversity In Primary Schools Promotes Harmony, Study Finds

For the first time, children as young as 5 have been shown to understand issues regarding integration and separation. The research confirms that the ethnic composition of primary schools has a direct impact on children’s attitudes towards those in other ethnic groups and on their ability to get on with their peers.

Obviously, starting kids at a young age on how to get along with others that are different can go a long way to making us better together. Diversity is truly a value-added proposition.

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Michael P. Bishton

I agree with you from personal experience.

My father was in the Foreign Service. I grew up overseas, attended local or American International schools. I liked visiting my friends’ houses, the different food, look and feel, ideas, cultural approaches. The most universal across all cultures were mothers’ scoldings when we misbehaved.

I like the rich experience of mixing with a wide, diverse group of people, their ideas, opinions, and cultures.

Ashley Stewart

Yea I love to hear about people’s different experiences and I suppose punishment doesn’t differ between cultures? That’s interesting!