Do Dead Presidents represent YOU?

Happy President’s Day!

Some people believe that the American dream is to make a lot of money, buy a nice house and have a good paying job. But, there are so many Americans that have a lot of money, a nice house and a good paying job and they are still unhappy. I wonder why, some Americans are unhappy. Maybe they are not living a purpose driven life.

Money (the dead presidents in your pocket) should not represent you. Money should enhance your lifestyle, but it should not define it.

I have been blessed to have a good job, a home and a few coins in the bank, but I insist on those things not defining the core of who I am as a person in this world.

5 Things that represent me:

1. My faith in GOD.

2. My love for myself.

3. My love for merging my passion with my purpose.

4. My love for my family.

5. My love for helping people.

Don’t allow a dead president on a dollar bill to represent you; define yourself through your purpose in life. – Kanika Tolver

Do dead presidents (money) represent you? What represents you?

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Corey McCarren

I would like to imagine that my work ethic and how I help others represents me, though I guess I could only truly know if I was looking through the eyes of someone else!