Do-It-Yourself IT Certification Training

Though the majority of IT professionals who seek out new certifications attend traditional classroom-based training, there are all sorts of other ways to gain the knowledge you need to pass a certification test. Beyond books – of which there are thousands – is a host of online, video, and multimedia options that are worth considering. Just proceed with a bit of caution, and carefully evaluate the quality of the materials you’re downloading or watching.

The first tip: don’t waste your time looking for true quality training materials in places where they don’t exist. Podcasts and YouTube, for example, don’t provide the kinds of tools you need for actual training. While both serve up videos and audio recordings of experts who share hints or talk about certification strategies, neither offers true coursework. Like many other things in life, good quality materials are worth paying for…read more.

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Carlos Jorges Rolales De Correa

The prices for these certifications are 200% more expensive that traditional classroom based training. In addition, local Universities provide this trainig on an online/web environment for a fraction of this solution. I have not yet purchased a program, and have yet to see the quality of the material which could or could not justify the prices.

In your defense, when it comes to education, this is ultimately true: we get what we pay for.