DOE, Partners Launch Troops to Energy Jobs Program

Troops to Energy Jobs

The energy sector is expected to expand in the coming years and the number of troops returning home is expected to increase as well. Perhaps with this in mind, the Department of Energy has teamed up with several energy companies and the Center for Energy Workforce Development to launch the Troops to Energy Jobs program. In a speech at the National Press Club recently, Sec. Chu had this to say about the program:

While many veterans are looking for jobs, many energy companies are looking for skilled workers. We need a new generation of workers to fill critical positions like plant operators, line workers, pipefitters, engineers and technicians…To compete in the global clean energy race, we’ll need to upgrade our electric infrastructure, use energy more efficiently and develop and deploy low-carbon technologies. All of these are job generators. All of these will help America become more competitive in the future…We must seize this opportunity. Today’s veterans can serve as the next generation of energy leaders. The “Troops to Energy Jobs” program will help accomplish this goal.

We’re excited to hear about a program that is designed to help secure America’s energy future by helping those who secure America.

Read the full text of Sec. Chu’s remarks here, and find out more about the program from the Center for Energy Workforce Development and the White House’s Joining Forces blog.

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