Does city living trim greenhouse gas emissions?

A recent study says that it does.

The authors of this study, published in The Journal of Urban Planning and Development, quantified the emissions from building materials and construction, home heating and power demands, and transportation energy, in both urban suburban neighborhoods in the Toronto metro area. And they found that downtown residents use radically less energy, and consequently emit about two-thirds less climate-warming CO2 than their suburban counterparts.

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Ken Ott

Yes. NYC and Tokyo, Bogota and Amsterdam are the gold standards here. Chinese cities are catching up fast.

But other people say that cities are ultimately unsustainable forever. (Notably over at CUNY, someone brought this up.)

Judging from the cities of Ur, I’d agree.

Cities and communities are like individuals: they are born, grow, get old, and die.

If we’re all migrating back to cities, that means we’re near collapse.