My introduction to Gov Loop

Hey Guys,
My name is Ben Berkowitz and I am co-founder and CEO of

We think we have created a tool that can revolutionize local governance through transparency and accountability while increasing citizen participation and pride in maintaining the public space.

SeeClickFix allows for anyone to document and report non-emergency issues such as potholes, transportation issues, graffiti and drug dealing to those accountable to the public space. Users can comment on issues, click that they want them fixed too, add photos or videos and close issue.
Users can also receive alerts on issues in their geographical area of interest through our watch areas.

In the year since SeeClickFix was created we have been totally caught off-guard by the things that come from users using the site: Citizens going out and removing graffiti and litter that other citizens reported. Citizens that never met reporting on drug dealing in their neighborhood collectively leading to a major Heroin arrest. Local government and citizens using the tool to hold a local utility company accountable for keeping their equipment graffiti free. State Governments responding to local issues that had not been addressed in 15 years. Local government and Business Improvement Districts engaging in friendly competition over who was cleaning the most graffiti where no one could get any removed before.

We have even seen traditional media take back some of their role as a check on government encouraging citizens to report issues like potholes through the free widget embedded in their site.

To get see what seeclickfix can do for your community just start reporting issues and creating watch areas for those accountable for the public space. you’ll be amazed. If you’re a government and are proud of your response time and want a great way to communicate with the most engaged part of your community about issues that concern them most create a free watch area for yourself.


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Adriel Hampton

Thanks for joining, Ben. FYI, commercial stuff is best left to your profile. Participation in the community here will let people know what you’re up to, so we ask folks not to promote their commercial businesses on the main site.

Adriel Hampton
Volunteer GovLoop Community Leader

Ben Berkowitz

Apologies Adrian. I was not sure about that. I can remove the commercial aspect from the blog post.
The majority of our tools are free anyways.