Don’t Get Gouged: Contracting Helps in Personal Lives

I’ve been doing government contracting work for a few years now. One of the things I try to do is apply the mandates of work (getting the best value) to my personal life. Well, a few weeks ago, I had an opportunity.
I took my car into an autoshop. The mechanic performed an oil change and a regular checkup. Of course, he found some issues. My car is over 10 years old, so I expect this. The front and right engine mounts are worn and would probably fail in a few months. I also needed transmission fluid replaced. Lastly, I needed brake my brake fluid flushed and bled. I was quoted $950. I didn’t know if this was high or not, so I did some research by the Internet and phone calls.
The ending analysis told me a few things.

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Jaime Gracia

Great example of what collaboration with service providers can provide; competition and better prices through market research.