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Have you ever opened your closet only to find that that your wardrobe is no longer suitable for your position? It is an important awakening. What you wear to the office makes a statement, whether you are aware or not.

According to Forbes, career counselors still advise clients to dress for the job they want, not the job they currently hold. Now, doesn’t that just make sense? If I show up at the office in nice jeans and a top, it really appears that I am comfortable “right where I am.”

Clothes make a strong visual statement on how you feel about yourself. I  had a job many years ago where I approved credit card applications for a retail store. I was on the phone and never met the applicant. The dress code was a dress, skirt and blouse or a suit. I though, “I’m on the phone! What difference does it make,” right? The reason the company gave was that we set off an air of confidence when we look and feel good. Well, guess what? They were so correct!

It seems to me that if you want a supervisor or management position, you’re not going to show up at the office in jeans and a top. You should want to present yourself as professional as you can. Professional attire not only looks great, but improves how you feel about yourself and your job.

Since office attire changes over the years, it can cause you to dig a little deep into your pockets, but it doesn’t have to. Here are some suggestions to change things around in a bit.

CONSIGNMENT SHOPS:  They have cute updated clothing

STORE OR INTERNET CLEARANCES:  They aren’t out dated, just off season

THRIFT STORES {I get lots of compliments}

SWITCH OUT CLOTHES WITH YOUR FRIENDS:  That’s assuming they fit.

So if you want attention by your superiors, dress for success and see what a difference it makes !

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