Dutch Civil Servant 2.0 books translated in English

The Civil Servant 2.0 books have been widely read in the Netherlands and are now also available in English:

The first book (2008) explains the significance of web 2.0 for government in terms of its internal organisation, its relationship with the public, and the working methods of the civil servant. It also contains a lot of examples from the Netherlands.

The second part, Civil Servant 2.0 beta (2009), provides a practical interpretation of the concepts expressed in the first part, and contains action points and ideas for government organisations to develop their own strategies for government 2.0.

Feel free to download the pdf and distribute it among your colleagues. If you want to print the book yourself, you can use this printable version (pdf, 21 Mb).

The Civil Servant 2.0 network has some 7000 members in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over 25,000 copies of these two books have until now been distributed.

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