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Book excerpt: What does web 2.0 mean for the government?

Recently, the Dutch Civil Servant 2.0 books have been translated in English. Steve asked me to post some excerpts from my books on Govloop. This is the beginning of chapter 5 in the first book (from 2008!), where I try to project the web 2.0 change onto government, governmental organisations and civil servants. What doesRead… Read more »

Dutch Civil Servant 2.0 books translated in English

The Civil Servant 2.0 books have been widely read in the Netherlands and are now also available in English: Download the Civil Servant 2.0 book (pdf, 2.1 Mb) The first book (2008) explains the significance of web 2.0 for government in terms of its internal organisation, its relationship with the public, and the working methodsRead… Read more »