EA Governance Modeling

One of the issues about governance topics that seems to come up all the time is just how to visually represent it. Often governance seems to be displayed as a set of rules and responsibilities some body or person is held accountable for. However, that seems to only address the legal or accountability aspects of governance, not the process or system to govern. Nor does a text based document effectively relate how various components interact with each other to provide and support governance.

During 1996 I was introduced to Viable Systems Models created by Stafford Beer. I used VSM during that year to model various forms of governance models. Later these models were converted to dynamic systems models to simulate in ITHINK to determine consequences both long and short term of various alternatives. The simulation results provided justification for picking a particular alternative. Of more importance the various models provided a means of dialog between decision markers to explore the alternatives based upon various priorities and other potential effects.

This has yield the need to evaluate alternatives using some form of multi-variant analysis. Bayesian analysis appears to be able to address this requirement.

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