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Earthquake shakes added VALUE to my LIFE.

The earthquake shakes put some things in perspective. It really made me realize the important things in life. As I get older, I value family and quality of life. Life is so precious and we have to value our jobs and accomplishments, but we have to value ordinary days when things are going well.

During the earthquake so many things came to my mind: my husband, my parents, my safety and others’ safety. In life we have to look at new situations and experiences and try to learn something that will enhance our personal growth. I really want to change the world with my views, but first I have to be willing to grow and change my own life.

Sometimes we need things to shake us up so we can appreciate the little things in life. I hope everyone is safe!

Any thoughts?

Kanika Tolver

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Wendell Black

Glad you made it through the quake and that you are safe Kanika. I’ve been through two myself in my lifetime so I know the feeling.

And you’re right, sometimes we need something big to happen in order for us to realize what we have in life.

Stay safe. :o)