Embarrassing or Entertaining Interview Stories

If you’ve obtained a security clearance or a TS/SCI clearance involving a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) chances are you had that scary moment when you considered who the investigators may be contacting – exes, old roommates, kindergarten teachers. From all of the individuals listed on your SF-86 to people you didn’t even consider, some security clearance investigations require a lot of interviews.

Working at ClearanceJobs.com people sometimes come to us with embarrassing and downright funny stories of things that happened during an interview process – we shared some of the top stories here (and below), but I’d love to hear from GovLoopers – do you have any interesting interview stories, from security clearance interviews to job search interviews?

1. Make Love, Not World of Warcraft.
Being interviewed about his college roommate who had applied for a security clearance, one young man attempted to be discrete in describing that the activity his roommate partook in most was “hanging out alone in his room with his girlfriend.” After being pressed repeatedly about what they were doing in there (subtlety doesn’t read well in an interview process, especially one that may be reviewed by someone else), he admitted that his roommate’s hobby happened to be making love with his girlfriend…although it could have been video games they were playing, really.

2. He inhaled…a lot.
The interviewer was asking a candidate about his use of illegal drugs.
Interviewer: Have you ever done any illegal drugs?
Candidate: Yes.
Interviewer: When did you partake in these illegal drugs?
Candidate: While I was in college.
Interviewer: How many times did you partake in these illegal drugs?
Candidate: Do you have a calculator?

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