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EMC’s acquisition of NetWitness means many virtuous/positive things for the community

NetWitness is a company we have been tracking for quite a while. The firm had roots in the mission needs of federal enterprises with sensitive information protection needs. Its intellectual property and visionary team combined made quite a contribution to network defense. We watched as the firm moved from a beginning in forensics to a mature, full-spectrum visualization and analysis provider. Now every enterprise either runs NetWitness or wishes they did.

Today NetWitness announced EMC will Acquire them and operate NetWitness as a line of business under RSA.

See CEO Amit Yoran’s statement at: http://www.netwitness.com/emc-acquires-netwitness-corporation

Conclusions from this event:

  • The NetWitness team created something of value (ok, this is an understatement, but this event is market proof).
  • The fact that everyone in any enterprise wants NetWitness brought a great deal of attention to them.
  • RSA sees a need to continue to enhance their offerings. This acquisition will help them instantly do that.
  • As NetWitness capabilities are aligned with RSA’s many other offerings and capabilities we will all benefit from this move.
  • RSA has resources that can be applied to continued development of capabilities in the NetWitness portfolio (NetWitness provides malware analysis engines, visualization capabilities, threat info aggregation, automated reporting, SIEM tools and their famous forensics platform). Expect NetWitness innovation to accelerate.

More later.

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