Welcome to Public Health Week!


Ah, April. Once again we are welcoming the month by shaking off the chill of the wintery months and getting into the mood for new life, warmer weather and recognition of the public health field.

That’s right folks – we’ve made it to another Public Health Week! This year the theme is entitled: Safety is NO Accident, looking at safety issues around where we live, work and play.

One of the things happening this year that caught my interest was the Injury Prevention Road Tour –a road trip initiative designed around spreading the word about injury and violence prevention to communities. The road trip will be hosted by APHA Executive Director, Georges Benjamin and seasoned public health leader, Linda Rae Murray – visiting cities such as Washington, D.C. and Cleveland, OH.

Resources You Should Know About:

Lastly, here is a brief history of National Public Health Week (from APHA website):

In 1995, former President William Jefferson Clinton proclaimed the first full week of April as National Public Health Week (NPHW). Each year since then, the public health community has celebrated this observance by focusing on an issue that is important to improving the public’s health.

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