Is Employee Engagement Worth the Investment?

OfficeVibe, a company founded on the mission of monitoring employee satisfaction in real time thinks so.

Engaged employees outperform disengaged personnel by 202%
Engaged workers will work their fingers to the bone by making huge sacrifices for the organization’s success.

Engaged employees who receive regular feedback reduce turnover by 15%
We are not talking about the 20th Century model of mid-year and end-of-the year appraisals.
Frequent performance conversations have shown to be a stress reducer since employees do not have to constantly wonder about how they are doing.

Engaged employees reduce absenteeism by 37%
Disengaged workers take more sick and annual leave than engaged workers. Engaged employees experience less stress in the workplace that reduces the need for sick leave.

Ignoring employees in a team setting lowers engagement to 2%
A 2014 University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business study claimed that being ignored at work creates more physical and mental trauma than being harassed or bullied.

Engaged employees take 50% less sick leave
Not only do engaged employees work longer but they work harder. They may take some sick leave not to spread their minor illnesses around the workplace but continue to work from home because of their passion to get the job done.

Engaged employees know that a good manager increases engagement by 60%
In the federal sector, managers influence 4 of the 6 major drivers of engagement. Want more employee engagement; throw everything you have into front line manager training.

Engaged employees reduce internal theft by 28%
Engaged workers feel like shareholders of their organization. Why would they want to steal from themselves?

Engaged employees are 2.5 times more likely to stay late at work
They are not clock watchers. They do not mind working overtime on something they feel passionate about since they are striving toward a higher purpose and calling.

Engaged employees know that money does not buy happiness
36% of employees say they would give up $5,000 of annual salary to be happier at work. They realize that a workplace that embraces who they really are and points them in the right direction of reaching their full potential is a bigger engagement incentive than more bucks in their pockets.

Is investing in employee engagement really worth it? How is that investment paying off in your office?

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Kellen Sweny

OfficeVibe is an amazing tool that we use everyday. The gains we have seen with team morale and engagement are amazing and every department should look into this.


Hi Kellen,

My name is Sophie, I’m a marketing specialist at Officevibe. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words! Really nice that you took the time to leave a comment about us. I made sure to share your comment with the rest of our team. You are awesome! 🙂

Have a great rest of the week!