The Endless Race for the Latest Technology


Everyone knows that the technological changes come fast, extremely fast.

We live in a world that uses technology more and more. And with that trend, there are a lot of new inventions daily.

In my area of expertise, software development, the evolution runs fast. And it is not easy to get ahead in using the latest tools.

We are flooded with new languages, frameworks, integration tools and many more resources for information systems (IS) and applications development.

If we consider the learning curve that is needed to be able to use a programming language or tool properly, masterfully, we can figure it out that when we can dominate the element, there are a new version of it, or several other choices to select for do the same things, sometimes in an easier and faster way.

I call it an endless race.

Given a large number of options for selecting our development platforms, the important thing should be to establish an adequate methodology that is able to use the available resources in the software market to achieve the development of a customized app or IS.

We must define the technologies we use for development, according to the technical possibilities of the hardware infrastructure we have and to the solution that we are trying to implement.

We can not forget the analysis of the actual and real execution capabilities that the user has, in order to develop a solution that considering their technological platform.

We must also define the development model and the structural scheme of the process to develop applications and information systems. I think this is crucial to achieving the success of the project.

Once we have established the above points, then we will have to select a programming language, a database type and model, and the combination of the elements and tools needed to carry out a development that meets the requirements of our users.

I am really convinced that the best development tool, doesn’t have to be the latest, but the one that actually complies with the capabilities to implement a data processing solution that can provide our users with information, on time and reliably, for decision making.

In conclusion, it is important to use new programming languages and development tools, but we must choose those that are adequate to operate on our computers and our user’s too. We have the commitment to think in real information solutions for our users. Wanting to always be in the race to use the latest technologies, ˝just for be trendy”, will not guarantee the success of our software products.

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