Enhance Your Elevator Pitch

When was the last time you used your Elevator Pitch? The Elevator Pitch is your brief and concise marketing statement to promote you talents and business acumen. It clearly identifies your areas of expertise in 60 seconds or less. The best elevator pitch offers the opportunity to engage, inform and persuade a potential new client to leverage your skills as well as open up new business opportunities.
When is the best time to use the Elevator Pitch? Anytime you are meeting a new business person, attending a training course, a conference/workshop, business meeting or public event. The goal is to seize the opportunity to connect with new people in diverse industries. In addition, this will allow you to practice your public speaking and networking skills as well as learn more about others as well as their organizations.
Some quick tips to create an effective Elevator Pitch:
  • Draft one paragraph highlighting your skills and recent achievements
  • Avoid using jargon and titles
  • Practice your pitch on friends and co-workers and ask for feedback
  • Edit your elevator pitch so it correlates with various target audiences
  • Use eye contact and a firm business handshake to connect with your new contact
  • Leverage your public speaking skills to clearly describe your abilities
  • Share your business cards with potential business contacts and be willing to take their cards too
  • End your pitch with a follow up call or email

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