Enter to win a NAGW Pinnacle Award

Are you proud of your site? Would it be fabulous to have a cool award sitting on your desk so your colleagues can ooh and awe over it?

If you’re a local or state government webmaster, join NAGW and then enter your site in our Pinnacle Awards.

Take a look at winning sites from 2008 and 2009. They were judged on certain criteria with rankings from 1 to 10 points for a possible total of 100 points.
Judges are required to submit comments relating to each
score. These comments will be provided to each applicant individually,
without judges’ names attached.

At a cost of only $50 to enter, even if your site doesn’t win, the judges’ review comments are worth far more than that. You don’t have to attend the conference to win. Visit NAGW.org for more information.

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