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Enterprise 2.0 for Government Event Feeler

Hello GovLoopers,

I wanted to put out a feeler for a conference I am planning to happen sometime in June (as soon as I get a venue confirmed).

I am looking to do a conference in the style of TED in which speakers/presenters can showcase their work/idea/thought/project with a 15-20minute slot time. In addition, would be able to showcase their stuff in an exhibit hall for more of a deep dive.

I am also looking to see if there would be interest in a barcamp, if this was a multi-day event. Right now, I am thinking it would be 1-2 days depending on the submissions to present.

The goal of the event is to really make aware of other Government members of projects that highlight efficiency, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and reusibility. The end customer would be high level decision makers in Federal and Local Government, as this will be somewhere inside the DC-Metro area.

If you are interested in helping out, presenting, or sharing ideas. I would love to hear from you.

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Andrew Wright

Sounds great. I – or someone at my company Expert Choice – could present on how Gov agencies use collaboration and decision-making software for resource/budget allocation.

I’m now following you on twitter: I’m @batterista. Great to meet you!


Could be interesting. As you probably know, there is Gov 2.0 barcamp in March and a bunch of other Gov 2.0 events coming up (I hear about a new one every day). But I think the E2.0 piece could be valuable and targeted – focus on that piece instead of the external communications piece. Happy to help however I can.

Andrea Baker

Yes, I am helping with the gov 2.0 camp and will be promoting as well as soliciting presenters/speakers from that and other events. In general, we are not so much focusing on contractor solutions but tools and ideas that are in place now that are connecting the enterprise to meet the points I stated above. Since you are mr. Fed 100, your support in whatever way can help.

As I mentioned, this would fit the specific purpose of communicating to decision makers and other programs of best practices, successes, and failures.

I have another planning meeting tomorrow night and will update this blog and an external one as more information is available to publish.

Andrea Baker

If you knew me, that would be a given. I would run a channel on mogulus. I’m planning to keep this unclass and transparent.

Ari Herzog

Depending if logistics could be worked out, I’d be interested in leading a Boston event to occur simultaneous to the one in DC. There are several Govloopers up here, so I’m thinking something like the casino rooms with simulcast horse racing around the country. Again, don’t know about logistics but something to consider.

Andrea Baker

I am hoping 200-400, but much of that will be determined when i put up an official call for papers. Also, we’ve moved the event to October now.

Andrea Baker

Thank you for all the interest in helping. Just to update, due to conference fatigue and the big enterprise 2.0 event in Boston in June, we’ve moved this event to October. Maxine, I am excited to hear it.