Enterprise 2.0 in the Federal Government

How can we improve the way we communicate information?

  • Enhanced Search Engines with Advanced Support Features
  • Websites
  • Social Media

Using the Crowd as an Innovation Partner – Harvard Business Review 2013

  • Contests
  • Collaborative Communities
  • Complementors
  • Labor Markets
  • Co-Creation

So, what was missing from the review?

Employee Ideas!

– Open Forum

– Challenges

Seven Criteria that Create an Environment for Good Ideas

  1. Adjacent Possible
  2. Liquid Network
  3. Serendipity
  4. Slow Hunch
  5. Error
  6. Exaptation
  7. Platforms

How can we improve Government? Change!

Change does not happen on its own. A catalyst is required to make a change happen.

Steps to bring ‘ideas’ to reality

  1. Identify the Need/Urgency
  2. Create the Vision
  3. Define Success
  4. Inspire Others to Act
  5. Structure Government
  6. Measure Progress

Governance is the key to success!

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