Eventbrite for Industry Day

I’ve never used Eventbrite for a government industry day, but I can’t help but imagine it’d be a good idea.

It’s free, saving the government money. It automates the registration process and any changes made, saving you hours as opposed to using regular email. Being in contracts, documentation is a big deal. The final attendee list can be PDFed, so you document that as well. Its works: I know professional organizers that swear by it, and I’ve used it as well.

I imagine there could be issues with Eventbrite’s terms and conditions, but I haven’t looked at those specifically. That might be up to your agency’s legal team to decide if the tool could be used.

Link: www.Eventbrite.com

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Jaime Gracia

Sounds like a great idea. The issue is, why not? Like you said, the devil is always in the details regarding execution by the federal government, especially with legal issues (real or perceived).