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So, here’s my challenge: what should I do with events that I am NOT organizing, am NOT involved in planning, am NOT speaking at, but which I think are good, valuable events that others to know about? In short: I want to share the wealth. The challenge: how & where?

My instinct is to post such events here on GovLoop, but that makes me the “poster” and seems to imply my involvement — beyond just my endorsement. Below is the latest one that’s got me stumped…. (I have a conflict and cannot go to this, but others should)

Would love your thoughts, ideas & solutions so that we can all be “in the know” about relevant and interesting events.

In the spirit of Gov 2.0 Club: information SHARING is power.

My build on that: information sharing MULTIPLIES power.

Maxine (aka mixtmedia)

Dear Tech Wire Subscriber:

We’re pleased to announce our Social Media Outlook breakfast panel on Oct. 14
at the Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner.

The early-bird rate will end on Oct. 2.

We are expecting over 200 attendees, so it will be an ideal networking event.

We are bringing together some of the DC area’s leading thinkers and players in
social media for this panel.

To register, and for more information, go to: http://www.potomactechwire.com/seminar56.html

Speakers are:

Rohit Bhargava, SVP, Strategy & Planning, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence, author “Personality Not Included”
Shonali Burke, founder Shonali Burke Consulting
Geoff Livingston, SVP, Social Media at CRT/tanaka; author “Now is Gone”
Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO and Co-founder, LivingSocial
Others to be announced…
Moderator – Paul Sherman, Editor, Potomac Tech Wire

To register, and for more information, go to: http://www.potomactechwire.com/seminar56.html

7:30-8:00: Coffee/Networking
8:00-9:15: Round Table & Full Breakfast
9:00-9:30: Q&A
9:30-10:00: Networking

Oct. 14, 2009
Ritz Carlton, Tysons Corner
1700 Tysons Boulevard
McLean, VA 22102


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I always post to the groups to which the event would be applicable to – where members of that particular group would have an interest…. since they really are the targeted audience in my opinion.

Maxine Teller

Good idea. Very labor intensive, though. wish there was a quick way to post an event and to tag it appropriate so it filtered into relevant groups….


I agree! Especially as GovLoop has gotten larger and there are multiple groups around a certain subject matter. One of the downfalls I suppose.

Pam Broviak

Maxine I think the idea of an events central is a great idea. Now I have to travel all over the Web to find events.

If you created a web site themed as an “event central” resource then I think people would realize from the format that it truly is something you set up for the purpose of sharing and informing. If it was on a site then you could set up an RSS feed and people could pull that to keep up with postings of new events.

It could take a lot of time to track events so not sure if you would want to encourage others to be able to submit events. Or maybe just send them to you for posting. The other comment I would offer is that I try to do this now on my own site for public works events, and I use a Google calendar only because I like the timeline type format. But it doesn’t look good, and I always wondered how beneficial it was for people. So not sure if a feed is best or a calendar or some other type tool.


Hmm…what I see now as Govloop calendar grows so much is that there needs to be a way of highlighting the really top stuff. Or really specific to your interest. In a sense segmenting it to meet your needs….Would that be helpful?

Maxine Teller

there are a couple of pieces to this:
– GovLoop’s event search functionality is fine, so not sure if segmentation, per se, would help us much
– What if events were linked w/their Facebook and EventBrite counterparts? sort of a cross-reference Facebook-Connect kinda thing?
– Accordingly, I’d love to be able to see what my FRIENDS are attending — but not just what they’ve responded to as “attending” here on GovLoop, but also what they’ve responded to as “attending” on Facebook, on Eventbrite, etc…. Imagine a clustering visualization that showed what “people I know” and/or “people who are like me” are attending…?
– What if there were a way to auto-create an event by pasting the info or the URL of the info or something into GovLoop field which would, in turn, automatically smartly sense the data and create an event? The problem is that it’s a bit arduous to enter in event info. I’m not particularly motivated to enter info for events that are not MY events…..