Every Day For Everybody

You may (or may not) be aware that Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22. But, did you know that it has been around since 1970? Here’s a little more history on it:

The premise: All people have the right to a healthy, sustainable environment
The mission: Broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide
The pursuit: Education, public policy, and consumer activism campaigns

The Earth Day Network has more than 17,000 partners and organizations in 174 countries. More than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities, and that makes it the biggest secular civic event in the world. So consider getting involved. You can do this a number of ways. Visit the website, and click on the link to find events in your area, or better yet, submit your own! Secondly, make a NO COAL CALL to demand a moratorium on coal-fired power plants!

If your activism isn’t so ‘active’, you can always take a more ‘passive’ approach! Two such passive Earth Day activism ideas come to mind. First, go out to your local movie theatre and see the new Disney movie “Earth” during opening week –Disney is going to plant a tree for each person who sees it. Second, get online and visit the Nasonex website. You know Nasonex, the allergy medicine? If you play their “Don’t Blow It” online game starring Ronnie Nose their giant nose, Nasonex will plant a low-allergenic tree with American Forests. Nasonex not only will be helping the environment, but allergy sufferers everywhere, as studies indicate that higher levels of carbon dioxide and a warmer atmosphere may increase pollen production. Its pollen, which as you probably are already aware of, that triggers nasal allergy symptoms. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is to plant trees!

So no matter what you do on April 22nd, I think the important thing to remember is that this is one day to remind you of what’s around every day for everybody…..Earth! And we should take care of it!

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Lisa Coates

Wow, thanks for the information. I use Nasonex during allergy season. I didn’t know that increased carbon dioxide creates higher levels of pollen. I remember when our local schools would give kids trees every year to plant. The ones I planted are still growing in my parents yard.