Jelly beans

One of the many things I brought forth from my childhood is the celebration of holidays. Christmas is a really, really big deal in my family – if it moves you feed it, if it doesn’t you decorate it. Another time of celebration is Easter. My husband, Ed; our older son, Eddie; and I ushered at church on Easter morning this past weekend and there was a joy in being together. We had dinner together as well – this year it was pot roast, ham, and a strawberry shortcake. When we were kids, my brother and I always had Easter baskets full of dyed eggs and candy. For the life of me, I don’t remember why we always had chocolate covered marshmallow crosses, marshmallow Peeps, and jelly beans in our baskets. I was never all that fond of marshmallows and I detested jelly beans. I did like the rest of the goodies in the basket, though, and someone must have eaten the jelly beans. The Easter basket is a tradition we have kept for our kids throughout the years, even into their adulthood. We always try to find something new or unusual to put into their baskets along with the candy – some years are more successful at this than others. I particularly liked the year when Peeps came out with plush toys in the shapes and colors of Peeps. Very cute. This year, we continued our tradition of Easter baskets for our kids – the baskets contained small stuffed rabbits, plastic rabbits containing Play Doh, lots of chocolate candy, and, of course, jelly beans.

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