Experience the Magic of Compatibility

If the title sounds familiar, it should. You’ve probably heard Dr. Neil Clark Warren uttter the those words during his eHarmony commercials. His company might have even helped you or someone you know land a dream date, or even a soul mate. Come 2014, eHarmony might be helping you find your dream job!

I read recently that eHarmony announced they are busy developing a career service to connect employers with job seekers – much the same way they connect people outside of work. Their compatibility approach to match people to employers will use a lot of the same principles as their dating website does – analyzing personal and emotional qualities – which Human Resources and Hiring Managers all know are difficult to extrapolate from a resume.

We’ll have to wait and see when their website launches, but who would have thought that a company which pairs customers for romantic relationships would be pairing job seekers to organizations? Let’s just hope that it is a LONG workplace romance! Who doesn’t want to love their job??

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Samantha Holquist

Beautifulpeople.com moved in this direction a few months ago. While I do not agree with their mission, I do think it is good for individuals to be matched with employers that share their common interests and want their skills.

Terrence (Terry) Hill

I think that we need to re-think how we recruit new employees. This matching process is a step in the right direction, as long as we are able to select the best candidate for the job. We need to rethink the old concept of just looking at resumes and online questionnaires. I also like the concept of virtually interviewing candidates and using more advanced selection tools.

Mindy Giberstone

Would this affect diversity? I don’t want to work in a place where everyone thinks the same and has the same background. And assuming that I can behave professionally, my emotional qualities are not my employer’s business.

Andrew Tolbert

An excellent way to find and match talent, Hopefully it will not become the only vehicle for selecting employees.