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Innovative Methods Reshaping Government Recruitment

The rapid pace of business, coupled with the changing workforce and modern technology have created a new imperative for recruitment. Traditional recruitment methods, such as websites and online applications, are no longer sufficient. Government agencies have to adapt to new recruitment methods to keep pace with these changes and build their future workforce.

The GovLoop Unofficial Guide to Getting a Federal Job

Approximately once a month, I get an email from a family member or friend that goes something like “My cousin/neighbor/babysitter is really interested in federal jobs. S/he can’t figure out the process. Can you give her some inside guidance?” Whether OPM wants to admit it or not, the process is still way too confusing for… Read more »

How to Lead in Technology Recruiting

Finding and keeping technology talent is perhaps the most important activity leadership can focus on in an organization. As the needs of the larger organization grow, so do the demands for services. New compliance regulations? Find a technology solution to manage that. New field operation? Go get some technology to enable them to communicate and… Read more »

How to Reduce Your Agency’s Recruiting Costs

In good times, trimming operational costs is an ongoing goal. In tough times, it’s a necessity. Regardless, recruiting occurs at all times, good and bad. Growth increases personnel numbers in good times, and opportunistic or replacement hiring occurs when budgets tighten. By using creative recruiting strategies in synergy with the latest technology developments, you can… Read more »