Facebook Comes to the White House

President Obama could be called our first digital president. After his election everything went digital including the White House Easter Egg event for children. During the launch of the Affordable Healthcare Act, signing up for healthcare proved not to be as easy as everybody thought it would be. Complaints about wait time and simply not being able to get on the site were countless.

To fix the problem President Obama established the U. S. Digital Service and called in Mikey Dickerson to head up the service. Dickerson is a former Google Executive. It appears the man from Google fixed the problem, since headline news reports have not posted anything to the contrary.

Since Google came to the White House the President’s efforts to push forward technology excellence and to make the Federal Government competitive with the best technology in the private sector, David Recordon from Facebook has joined the Obama Administration.

David Recordon has been named the Director of Information Technology. Recordon is charged with upgrading technology at the White House. President Obama established the new position to move the Federal Government forward in an industry that changes quicker than the blank of an eye. Technology created two months ago is almost old as soon as it is created. It is a mammoth task staying current with technology. The quick and changing climate of technology is perhaps due to the emerging dynamic of thought leadership where creative minds are allowed full latitude to create and pass on ideas to management to implement. These creative geniuses propose an idea, management buys into it and they are off to the next big thing. The public is crossed-eyed trying to keep up with new, constant and emerging technology.

Recordon’s background in the high tech world should serve Government well. David Recordon joined Facebook in 2009. Before joining Facebook, David Recordon worked at several start-ups like Six Apart.

Will Facebook and Google bring success to the Federal Government’s IT? We certainly hope so.

Dianna Tafazoli

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