Facebook dumped by OZloop

While OZloop is not as big as Govloop, given the concerns about Facebook we have dumped them. Up to individuals what they do of course.

When Facebook decides to behave, as it were, like a good corporate citizen (dare I say social citizens), then obviously this can be reconsidered.
Frankly, there is too much at stake in the Gov 2.0 space and we don’t need to reinforce perceptions that Gov 2.0 or sites like Govloop and OZloop are some sort of variant of Facebook. Bottom line? We don’t need to compromise serious and purposeful engagement – or a bit of fun along the way.
Below is email sent to OZloop members.

Hi All

Further to the post on Facebook please note that I have disabled the link to Facebook on OZloop. I have done this not just because of the protests going on, but because of the implications for trust and transparency for Gov 2.0 generally and citizen : public servant engagement in particular.
And wonder of wonders here is an Australian example
So go see the conversation on OZloop

If you decide to delete your Facebook account as I have, here’s how.

Of course, if you disagree with my actions let me know. I just asked myself the question of whether all of us active in this space need the fallout from Facebook.
Steve D

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