Facebook….King of the World?

Ran across a great visual display last night highlighting where all the social activity actually occurs (created by xkcd). This visual is extremely cool for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it focuses on the activity, or dialog, related to the social platforms instead of the pure number of users.

Couple other notes of interest:

  • Sort of hidden in the upper left, but see how small the social media platforms are compared to email. Email activity is still the primary source of communication.
  • Notice how small ALL electronic means of social activity are compared to Spoken Language. You still need to be able to talk with your neighbor 🙂
  • Blogs, of all sorts, are a tiny portion of the actual content produced…although I’m sure blog content gets shared across “countries”.
  • Does our society really spend THAT much time playing Farmville and World of Warcraft? I guess so.

Begs the question…”Are we communicating with our consituents in the locations where they are actually having conversations?”

Hat tip to @JordanRaynor for pushing the story out my way.

See the large version of map here.

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