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Fast Track Your Career

Do you dream of a better life, higher pay, a challenging position with responsibility and one that takes full advantage of your interests, education, and experience? You can turn your dreams into reality and be one of the many thousands of federal employees each year that are promoted or attain higher level government jobs.

What separates those who want to improve and progress in their careers from those who actually achieve success? The fact is that it’s not enough to dream about promotions, great new jobs, and higher pay; you have to plan a course of action to achieve your goals. The factors that will determine whether or not you succeed are motivation, personal initiative, and taking the steps (ACTIONS) necessary to make your dreams come true.

If you’re not satisfied with your current job or if you’ve been bypassed for a promotion don’t despair, help is out there if you know where to look. You have many options and career paths to pursue in the federal sector. Even if you lack the required education or experience there are ways to obtain skills needed to reach your career goals.

I worked in federal government for over 35 years as an avionics and electronics technician, training instructor, project engineer, computer-based instruction administrator, training program manager, program support manager, and environmental health and safety program manager. Plus I held numerous supervisory and management positions and was responsible for recruiting, rating and interviewing applicants, outreach and hiring. My last government position was technical operations manager at the Pittsburgh International Airport’s air traffic control tower for the Federal Aviation Administration. I developed a workbook to help others achieve their career goals.

I wrote Take Charge of Your Federal Career and used the techniques in this book throughout my career to progress from an enlistee making $98 a month in the military in 1969 to retiring above the GS-15 level under the FAA’s core compensation pay system in 2005. Best of all I’m offering career counselors, training departments, and supervisors the opportunity to obtain a case of 30 copies (while supplies last) for just $84, the cost of shipping and handling, to introduce my workbook to those in your agency who desire to progress in their careers. Individual copies can be purchased for $14.95 including free shipping.

This practical, action-oriented career management workbook is packed with proven tips and valuable assessment and evaluation tools. Federal workers will receive the individualized know-how and guidance they need to identify, obtain, and successfully demonstrate the skills and experience required to qualify for new and better federal jobs.

You’ll learn how to prepare an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that includes self assessment, locating federal job opportunities and career enhancement details and assignments, setting realistic goals, networking techniques, how to complete a dynamite application, interviewing techniques, and how to stay on track. You’ll discover exceptional resources to locate job vacancy announcements, agency web sites, employment applications, forms and procedures, how to enhance interviewing skills, and much more. This workbook provides abundant resources to develop your career and locate better and higher paying government jobs. Visit this workbook’s companion web site at www.fedcareer.info for additional career planning assistance.

Please forward this article to managers, supervisors, and to your training department so they are aware of this opportunity. Order online or call our toll free order number 1-800-782-7424 to order with credit card.

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