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2014 Leave Record Spreadsheet Plus FEHB Same-Sex Coverage

Our 2014 Leave Record & Scheduling Spreadsheet is now available for download to your desktop. Use it to automatically track your leave balances in all categories, annotate your schedule, and to establish realistic retirement target dates to maximize your benefits when you leave. This FREE spreadsheet automatically calculates your accrued annual and sick leave balances,Read… Read more »

Fast Track Your Career

Do you dream of a better life, higher pay, a challenging position with responsibility and one that takes full advantage of your interests, education, and experience? You can turn your dreams into reality and be one of the many thousands of federal employees each year that are promoted or attain higher level government jobs. WhatRead… Read more »

2014 COLA & Military Deposit Rule Changes

Federal retirees, social security recipients, and military retirees will receive a 1.5% COLA next year! This is the lowest COLA since 1985 not counting the two years we did without one. Based on the average retiree’s annuity the 2014 COLA will add approximately $48 monthly for CSRS retirees and $18 for FERS retirees age 62Read… Read more »

FEHB Program Affordable Care Act Impact

Many federal employees and retirees alike are concerned about being forced out of the FEHB program and into local health care exchanges that are mandated by President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. I’m not sure why it was called the Affordable Care Act when in reality insurance costs have already increased considerably across all sectors sinceRead… Read more »

FERS Annuity Supplement Eligibility and Earnings Limitations + Annuity Projection Update

Many FERS annuitants that retire before age 62 are eligible for an annuity supplement that will end when they reach age 62. You may be eligible for a Special Retirement Supplement if you retire: After the Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) with 30 years of service; At age 60 with 20 years of service; or UponRead… Read more »

Projecting your Retirement Annuity & Survivor’s Benefit

Everyone planning their retirement needs to know how much they will have to live on in retirement and how much their spouse’s survivor benefit will be. Frank Cullen, a retired federal manager, friend, and former associate, sent me a comprehensive spreadsheet prior to my retirement that projected my annuity and survivor benefit for the nextRead… Read more »

FEGLI Clarifications and Coverage Verification

I’ve received many emails over the years from annuitants, spouses of deceased annuitants, and estate executors that weren’t aware of the annuitant’s coverage and/or beneficiaries. A number of annuitants forget what coverage they elected (if any) or who they designated as beneficiary. There are a number of things that you, your spouse, and estate executorRead… Read more »

Collecting Social Security While Still Working and CSRS Concerns

A site visitor to one of our forums stated that she was 66 and still working and was CSRS offset. A colleague suggested that she think about drawing social security now versus waiting until she retires. Once you reach age 66 you can earn unlimited amounts without reducing your Social Security benefit. She had beenRead… Read more »

Social Security Update, Medicare Concerns, and Retiree Jobs

Norma, a federal employee that elected to collect Social Security while still working, commented on my last article on this subject. She stated that while it is true you don’t decrease social security benefits if you are still working at age 66 or older you may be subject to taxes on some of the socialRead… Read more »