Fed job dilemma: permanent or temp?

My friend and colleague Joyce Lain Kennedy- Careers Columnist, learned about one of my clients who had a very tough decision to make: Which federal job should he accept. Read her article here.

DEAR JOYCE: After looking for a federal job for two years, yesterday I received offers from two federal agencies! I’m thrilled to be able to choose between two excellent positions. Offer A is a permanent position, starting at Grade 9 ($54,000 a year), with potential to reach Grade 12 ($93,000) after three years. Offer B is a two-year temporary assignment, starting at Grade 12 ($93,000) with promise of Grade 13 ($110,000) in one year, with improved leave benefits, as well as the possibility of extension to permanent status. Relocation isn’t a problem. Which offer would you take and why? — J.T.

Congratulations for the successful conclusion of your lengthy hunt. Kathryn Troutman, a leading federal career coach who helps job seekers with negotiations, interviewing and decision-making about the outlook for specific government jobs, has a hot tip to answer your question:




He took the GS 13 temporary position, knowing he will have to compete to stay in government if the temporary position ends, which it will. He will market himself at that level. I agree with his decision.

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