7 Tricks & Tips for Your Federal Resume – Free Webinar with Kathryn Troutman

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Federal Resume Writing is challenging in this competitive federal job market. Learn about Federal Resume Guidebook author’s favorite 7 Tips and Tricks to help you get Best Qualified, Referred, Interviewed and Hired.

7 Tips and Tricks – Federal Career Training Stories from Kathryn

1.Holloman AFB – Resilience Keywords and Examples
2.USFS Cloudcroft, NM – New Mexico Jumping Mouse and Trail Building Accomplishments
3.Ten Steps Certification Class – Jeremy Denton, Veteran Writes a Targeted Resume
4.Schedule A Applicant Gets Hired Two Times with help of Coach, Network and Perseverance
5.Change Keywords to New Keywords – Guns & Weapons
6.Volunteer work can become a Work Experience Block
7.Give yourself all the credit you can with the Questionnaires

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