FED-pursuit maximum employment

Question: Is it true that the Federal Reserve can get Money from Treasury for Operational Cost? Without going through the appropriation process.

Question: Is it true that the Federal Reserve has Authorization by Congress to issue Currency?

Question: Is it true that the Federal Reserve is mandated by the Federal Reserve Act to pursue Maximum Employment?

Question: Is it true, that the Federal Reserve acquires Currency at printing Cost?

Question: Could Contracts that assist the Federal Reserve in acquiring a sustainable 2% Unemployment Rate, Be considered as Operational Cost?

If yes, then the FED could within the laws of the Federal Reserve Act. Fund Individual National Projects through their Operational Costs of which would reduce the National Debt and Create Businesses producing millions of Jobs. Thus providing local Banks more solvency. Without have to manipulate the already complicated Tax System.

I could give more details of how it would work. But considering the Education Level of those controlling our Country’s Treasury and Monetary Financial Systems. I figured that they should have the VISION of keeping the Base Roots of the Tree SOUND so as to hold the weight of the limbs. Well one might say trees die and new growth emerges.

My reply to that is = So does Financial Operating Systems.

What do our leaders prefer a strong root system that will last for hundreds of years or root system that will let the tree get blown over due to lack of (moisture/currency).

How much currency should be in circulation according to the Population of a County.

Formula: Population, X Minimum Yearly Wage of One, X Number of days in a Year.

equals currency in circulation per year. Based on Population of 312 million

As I do not receive Data from source around the Country and cannot seem to locate anyone who actually knows how much is in circulation.

Amend the Federal Reserve Act



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