4 Small Business Set Asides That Should Interest You

Small businesses in the federal government have procurements specifically set-aside for contract award. For a procurement to be set aside the Contracting Officer needs to have an expectation that at least two responsible small
businesses will respond with an offer and the prices quoted are reasonable. According to size standards set forth in the Small Business Adminstration rules and regulations *13 CFR Part 121 a small business is categorized by a company
with 500 or fewer employees.

Since the recent economic decline government agencies have been making an effort to rebuild the economy by utilizing small businesses. For example, GSA currently has several solicitations that cater to small business set-asides such
as Schedule 541 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) under Special Item Numbers (SIN) 541-3, 541-4D, 541-4E, 541-4F. To learn more about government set-aside acquisition goals you can refer to www.fpds.gov.
Here are a few small business set-asides that may interest you:

8A- At least 23% of prime contracts are set aside for government actions. It is named for section 8(a) of the small business act this program was developed to assist small disadvantaged businesses in the marketplace. For qualifications visit the SBA http://1.usa.gov/e71M0D.

Woman- Owned- 5% of prime and subcontracts are set aside for government actions. At least 51% owned by one or more women, with a net worth of less than $750,000, and personal salary of less than $350,000 the preceding three years of certification.

Service Disabled Veteran Owned- 3% of prime and subcontracts are set aside for government actions. To qualify you must be a veteran or service disabled.

Hubzone- 3% of prime contracts are set aside for government actions. The name is derived from Historically Underutilized Business Zone your office needs to be located within that zone. To qualify you must be at least 51% owned and controlled by a U.S. citizens, Community Development Corporation, Agricultural Cooperative, or Indian Tribe, and at least 35% of the employees must reside within the zone for a least 180 days or indefinitely.

* For more information in greater detail on small business size standards and set asides please also view Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Parts 19.102 and 19.501

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Alphonso Whitfield III

Thanks for the information. I need to research whether the community in which I am located has identified and received its certification as a HUB zone. This would be helpful as provide services to the local development authority.