Federal Employee replaces FEGLI Option “B” and saves $560,000!

Is FEGLI Option “B” a good value for healthy federal employees as they approach retirement?

When our client, male age 55 in excellent health, contacted Allfeds.com, he was hoping to preserve his Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance, Option ”B”, into retirement and reduce the costs going forward. Little did he know he could save half a million dollars. Due to his excellent profile he qualified for the super-preferred rate with a guaranteed thirty year savings of $560,000 or 80%.

Needless to say, our client was thrilled with the Allfeds.com program…

“Obviously, I would have to convey, overall, my satisfaction with the product as well as the service I received. I appreciate your openness, honesty, and friendly assistance throughout the process.

As far as the policy, the numbers speak for themselves. In my case, I will maintain the same level of Term Life insurance at the same price I am paying now – for 30 years, as opposed to rapid and sharp increases that I would have endured had I remained within FEGLI and chose to maintain the existing coverage.”

Additionally, a female employee with a similar profile would get an additional 28% discount, bringing her guaranteed thirty year savings to $600,000. As we wrote last fall, “women pay too much for FEGLI Option “B”.

So here’s the thought for the day…healthy federal employee should strongly consider comparing FEGLI Option “B” with top rated commercial carriers.

For your free comparison, go to allfeds.com.

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