Federal Eye: Eye Opener: Another look at fixing government

Happy Thursday! Just about everyone agrees that the federal government needs fixing, and a liberal think tank friendly with the
Obama administration will start tackling that issue later today.

The Center for American Progress — a former employer of many administration officials — launches a
two-year review of government operations on Thursday morning with a
focus on eliminating or rethinking spending programs and tax
expenditures focused on the group’s three favorite areas of concerns:
health care, energy and education. It will also work on boosting
government productivity by finding ways to improve government
transparency, performance measurement and evaluation.

If that mission sounds familiar, it’s because the Office of Management and Budget is already conducting such a review on the inside. The administration’s review of government operations includes major contracting reforms, the administration’s open government directive and some ambitious management goals published in President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget proposal.

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