A Historical Vision of the Computation in Cloud!

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Historize: the Science that studies the past to organize the present and to prepare the Future.

I was thinking on the decade of 90, when I worked for a company that wanted to store your information in digital media and it was not willing to invest in the purchase of computer science equipments.

The Solution at that time could be the service offered then by the powerful globally IBM.

The Company developed the whole Software and it supplied stupid terminals to the customer, linked to your Computers, collecting the service for registered record.

Result: Software, Hardware and Safety of Information were of exclusive responsibility and concern of the company that it made the service and not of the customer.

A Model of Cloud of the Past? Because this service type took IBM in many cases to a financial Catastrophe?
With the creation of the Microcomputers this service practically disappeared.

Would we be coming back the dependence of companies as Google, Microsoft (Azure) among other, when did we move forward for the use of the Computation in Cloud? A progress or a Setback?

In the Legislative of Fortaleza we opted to create our own Cloud trying to take advantage of your Advantages and to flee of future dependences.

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There are a lot of versions of what cloud means and a lot of them existed previously in different models. In my opinion, one of the key pieces as companies and gov’t agencies move to the cloud will be the ability to pull off the data and move off in case the company closes or want to move to another vendor.

I particularly think SaaS will be useful for non-mission critical systems where it does not make sense to go through all the costs to secure and host internally