Federal Eye: Eye Opener: For the feds going to work today

Happy Tuesday! And Happy Federal Snow Day 2.0! But many federal employees still have to show up for work today, despite the weather.

Need proof? The Post’s David Cho reports that shortly after the federal government announced that it would close
for Monday — cue the yelping for joy around Washington — the office
of the executive secretary for Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner sent a message to its staff saying that he planned to keep his Tuesday schedule.

Cue the groans.

It’s not much better at the Government Printing Office, where about 200 printers and security officers were at work Monday, The Post’s Carol Morello and N.C. Aizenman report. Sheley Welcher, 40, an assistant production manager whose husband drove her into work
from their home in Clinton, said the White House and Congress had
several reports that needed printing.

Though not every federal office could do it, this week will certainly revive and refocus the debate on teleworking. Taxpayers lose
$100 million each day in lost productivity when the government shuts
down. (That’s not to say the shutdown isn’t justified, but the cost is

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