Federal Eye: FAA confirms 2nd kid in JFK control tower

A second child communicated with passenger jets at John F. Kennedy International Airport in mid-February, the Federal Aviation
Administration confirmed Thursday morning.

The same controller brought another child into the tower the day after his son communicated with at least five planes as they taxied at
JFK Airport, the agency said. Officials could not confirm whether the
second child was a boy or girl.

FAA also clarified on Thursday that the original child, a boy, was in the control tower on the evening of Feb 16. Initial reports by news
organizations said the child was in the tower on Feb. 17, but the audio
files were timestamped in Zulu time for 0030 Z on Feb. 17 — or 7:30
p.m. ET on Feb 16.

The second child was in the tower on Feb. 17 at about 4:15 p.m., FAA said.

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