Federal Eye: First Day for Several Cabinet Secretaries

Several cabinet secretaries started their new jobs today on the first full day of the Obama administration.

So far only Interior Sec. Ken Salazar has been greeted by a formal welcoming ceremony at his new place of employment.

Over at Veterans Affairs, there will be no formal welcome for Sec. Eric Shinseki — at least not yet.

“He has a full afternoon of briefings ahead of him, especially the budget and related issues,” VA spokesman Phil Budahn.

The USDA may hold a formal ceremony welcoming Sec. Tom Vilsack tomorrow afternoon, according to spokesman Jim Brownlee.

No word back yet from the Education Department about plans for Arne Duncan.

The Department of Homeland Security has posted the new official biography of Sec. Janet Napolitano. In an effort to quell concerns that she lacks homeland security experience, the bio stresses her work as chairwoman of the National Governors Association and as a U.S. attorney.

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