Is the Big Mac a good hamburger?

Is it too late, or do we have time to reshape thought, mind, body and spirit to the requirements of this, our time here? For convenience, we feed on fats and grease and extruded loaves of sugar. Left with a diet of sugar and grains devoid of nutrients we get of all things, fat!

We export our fat to all developed and developing countries. The grease trap is where we get stuck. Eating and living on this crap and in such a manner is unsustainable. We ignore the web of the ecosystem that is our home. We ignore the cries of our own systems. We foul our nest with our wastes. And the poor, the old, the ignored, the serfs of this system; go hungry and suffer.

The wind has changed. The front has passed for now. Choices lie ahead. What do we really want? I do not deny the taste of a good hamburger. The Big Mac does not qualify. Good try though.

There are corporate trees blocking the path of progress. Networking is helping to sharpen the axe. My hope is we have enough time to sharpen it. These trees have thick bark.

The great thing about America is that change is integral and necessary to our society. It is part of our framework as a constant. And a couple more great things about America: Trees are a renewable resource and the number of ways to prepare a hamburger are almost limitless.

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