Federal Eye: Obama to take management tips from CEOs

Seventeen of the nation’s top business executives will soon start advising the Obama administration how to better manage the federal

President Obama signed an executive order on Monday establishing the President’s Management Advisory Board, which
will provide tips on productivity, customer service and the use of
technology. The board will be chaired by Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Jeffrey Zients, a private-sector veteran who most recently ran the Corporate Executive Board, the Advisory Board Company and served as a director of Sirius/XM Satellite Radio and Revolution Health.

“During the past two decades, the private sector has leapfrogged ahead of the federal government when it comes to innovative operation
and management, especially as it relates to the use of information
technology,” OMB Director Peter Orszag said in a blog post announcing the board.
“It used to be that a federal worker had more computing power and
prowess at their desk than at home; now, they often have more power in
their Blackberry or iPhone than at their desk.” (Interesting aside:
Most tech-savvy OMB folks carry both a Blackberry for official use and
an iPhone for personal use.)

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