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The Key(notes) to Professional Development

Our NextGen Gov Virtual Training Summit line-up features keynote topics that are perfect for anyone who wants to move their career forward.

We’ve curated a jam-packed agenda around the topics that matter most to government employees like you. Now the difficult part: which sessions will you join on May 15?

We’re here to help – below is a list of our upcoming keynote sessions and their respective speakers so you can start planning your schedule. While you’re exploring the topics, don’t forget to register for the event!

3 Ways to Make Your Boss Shine…And Why That Matters

Speaker: Katheryn Wetherby, Acting Director, Marketplace IT Group, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Your own personal work performance is usually the focus – making sure you’re hitting your deadlines and deliverables. But there’s a lot of value in going beyond your day-to-day responsibilities and helping your boss look good. In this keynote session, you’ll learn why you should go the extra mile to support your boss, and how in turn, that can make you a stronger employee.

Finding Purpose and Meaning: How Different Roles Can Guide Your Career

Speaker: Dr. Jenn Hawkins, JD, Senior Advisor, DEIA Policy, Peace Corps

Career growth is rarely linear. Each twist and turn on your career journey contributes to your overall unique insights and experience as a public servant. In this engaging keynote session, we’ll explore how embracing new opportunities, roles or responsibilities can truly heighten your professional purpose.

What’s Your Why

Speaker: Brian Whittaker, Founder, Humans of Public Service

As you open the doors to your office building or log into your computer from home, what feeling do you get? If you dread doing your job, it could be that you have lost your why – your reason for doing the work. In this keynote, you will hear from a government leader about how to rediscover your why.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 3 Signs You’ve Plateaued in Your Role

Speaker: Deadra Welcome, Founder and Principal Consultant, Concerning Learning, LLC.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion you might have outgrown your current role? Before you take the jump and leave a job, there are a few things you should seriously consider. We’ll speak with a career expert during this keynote session to unveil three tell-tale signs it’s time to move on.

Advocating for Yourself During Change

Speaker: Emily Oehler, Career Coach and Director, Guidehouse

With a presidential election looming on the horizon, stress and anxiety about an Administration change is likely to creep in. How will your work change? What will priorities be? This keynote session will focus on not only how to get through periods of change, but how to come out on the other side a stronger employee.

Why Public Service Matters – Lean Into the Mission

Speaker: Renee Wynn, Former Chief Information Officer, NASA

If you’ve ever experienced burnout, work fatigue or lost sight of what drives you in your public service career, it’s time to reset and focus on the mission. In this inspiring closing keynote session, you’ll hear from a government thought leader about how to dig deep and let mission be the guiding force for making your career in government matter.

Let’s Grab a Coffee: How to Network

Speaker: Demitrius Parker, Founder, Trust Leadership Collective

Who knew coffee could be such a powerful networking tool? Even tea lovers should take note: Meeting for coffee and focusing on your individual relationships can make all the difference in helping you land that next role or learn more about a field you want to be in. Join us for this closing keynote session to learn all the tips and tricks for effective networking.

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